I knew as soon as I hit "post" on Facebook I was going to open a can of worms. Knowing that I was going to get answers from all across the spectrum, I really wanted to want people in this community would do.

You can get rid of one thing in Boise and the Treasure Valley, what are you getting rid of?

With over 100 comments to digest, I wasn't sure how to put this article together. The comments ranged from just "traffic", to "high rent", "home prices", and of course "Californians".

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I don't know what it's like being in an area that really starts to take off, Boise and the Treasure Valley has been and still is a popular spot for people to move for a while now. So much so that people there's obvious frustration from those who grew up here. 

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With the influx of people moving to the area, so do their views and outlook on life and Amy made a point of that in the comment section.

People who come here from there because they didn't like there, but are now to make here like there.

Jenn followed suit and had a dislike for the political change.

The Dems. I'm sorry, no offense to anyone. I'm talking the Deomcrats in office, the politicians. Taxes and housing have gone up and caused a recession. It's awful.

Instead of trying to digest all of the comments and write some elaborate article about what Idahoans don't want here, I'll let the comments speak for themselves.

You Can Get Rid of One Thing In Boise and the Treasure Valley, What Are You Getting Rid Of?

I asked this question to our Facebook followers and here are their thoughts!

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