They increased the flow on the Boise River - so good, but.....

The Boise River is running really high....really fast....really dangerous...The CFS (cubic feet per second) flow has been increased to roughly 9500 (cfs). Emergency management personnel have been monitoring the critical infrastructures and watching the situation very close. So far, they have not seen any significant change. This is good news to everyone, but officials are warning "do not lower your guard!"

If you live along the river, you should have an emergency evacuation plan in place, just in case. Officials also encourage you to sign up for the Code Red Alert System

Proper sandbagging is also encouraged and they have a flyer that you can print out and use: PROPER SANDBAGGING AND USAGE

In Eagle, all access to the Greenbelt remains CLOSED. Other areas of the greenbelt have also been closed because of flooding and/or erosion from the fast flowing water. If you encounter an area of the Greenbelt that has been closed, do NOT proceed past the barricade, for your own safety.

If you live along the Boise River or in nearby low lying areas, you should be taking all precautions and be ready if the situation suddenly worsens.

Stay safe....stay dry.

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