Planning on skipping putting time in that meter? This high-tech patrol vehicle will hunt you down.

It's not an actual Robocop, and it won't technically be "hunting," but this new tech will definitely find you if you try to skimp on paying for parking. The City of Boise has a new white Toyota Prius fitted with cameras that take pictures of parked cars to keep tabs on parking. Think of it as the 2018 version of tire chalk.

While that might sound like doom and gloom, it's actually saving the city time and money on parking enforcement. They say what used to take up to an hour will now be done in seconds. The vehicle will have an actual driver, so no worries about the cyborgs taking over. Yet.

While the technology will definitely help out the City of Boise, they will have someone double-checking to make sure no one is incorrectly fined for a parking infraction.


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