He achieved what most little boys only dream of. Our very own Shea McClellin, who grew up on Chicken Dinner Road plays for the New England Patriots and is now a Super Bowl Champion!!


He was raised in Marsing on a road that gets a lot of laughs because of it's name "Chicken Dinner Road," but for McClellin it provided peace and quiet and a lot of room to throw a ball around.


Now there's a 30 foot tall banner of McClellin that hangs proudly on the tallest building in Marsing, but he came from humble beginnings.


He worked on his families 19 acre farm off Chicken Dinner Road growing up, his family says he has always been competitive at everything.


McClellin's skills on the football field caught the eye of BSU's former Head Coach Chris Peterson and during his senior year at Marsing High he was offered a scholarship to play football on the blue.


According to KTVB, after four years at Boise State he became the second highest draft pick in the history of Bronco football.


In 2012 McClellin was the 19th draft pick in the NFL for the Chicago Bears and this season he scored a chance to play for the New England Patriots.


What a year to play for the Patriots. They won another Super Bowl championship last night in a very impressive come back against the Atlanta Falcons 34-28 in overtime.


Congrats Shea McClellin! You make Marsing and Idaho very proud.