Sooooooooooo, there's a lot of talk going around these days about "fake news."  Now while there may be some debate as to what actually qualifies, there's no doubt that THIS story about an Idaho woman being arrested for breast feeding in public is definitely not true. confirms that a story that you may have seen circulating around social media about an Idaho woman who was supposedly arrested for multiple citations of breast feeding in public is totally false.  The story has been shared several thousand times since September, and despite the fact that it's been disproven, continues to get shared with unfortunately many more people likely getting duped into believing that it actually happened.

The problem is that there are many obvious, or what at least should be anyway, clues that the story is false.  For one, the story was posted on  You might also recognize the URL which is the same thing.  Now if you click on the link, you might notice a disclaimer saying, "all news articles contained within The Seattle Tribune are fictional"...............come on people!!!

PunditFact also points out that according to the Idaho Department of Correction offender search, you won't find any record of the woman in question: Heather Watson.

Also, the supposed mugshot of the woman in question is also a different woman who was arrested in Arizona.

OH! And another thing, as anyone from Idaho knows......there is NO Baker County in the state.  Plus the town "Wiser," maybe they were talking about Weiser, but that of course is in Washington County.

You might also notice a phone number at the bottom of the story that claims to be the Baker County Department of Justice, but not according to its voicemail it isn't.  The voicemail seems to be for the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kan.

Ohhhhhhhh, and that's not all. Click HERE for more on this story

Bottom line: PLEASE be careful before you share a story online.