Bret Michaels is well-known for being the lead singer of Poison and his reality TV dating show "Rock Of Love." Recently, he added to his list of accomplishments by revealing himself as a participant on "The Masked Singer," and an author with his new book Bret Michaels Auto-Scrap-Ography Vol. 1: My Life's Scrapbook In Pictures & Stories. He virtually stopped by The Bobby Bones Show and talked about all the things he's been up to lately.

On Season 3: Episode 13 The Banana was reveal on "The Masked Singer" as Michaels. He shared that after being asked to join the show, everything was super secretive from beginning to end. Even getting picked up from his house had him being covered up from head to toe. He said when he was walking around on set, he knew several of the stage crew members, but they had no idea it was him. When Bobby Bones asked him about his banana costume, Michaels admitted that he wanted to be a type of pirate originally, but the show's producers suggested something less obvious. So then came an idea for something yellow, incorporating the colors of his home state's professional sports teams: Pittsburgh Steelers, Pirates, and Penguins. Then he decided to be a banana because it's one of the main foods he can eat as a diabetic and it's on his tour rider.

Outside of participating on "The Masked Singer," Michaels just dropped his first book earlier this year. He hand-wrote every story in the book, along with several photos from birth to as recent as his time on "The Masked Singer." It's an autobiography that includes a never-before-told story about his near-drowning experience in Venezuela. Also in the book, he shares the story of an incident with him and his band where they were robbed at gunpoint and he talked them out of the really scary situation. While talking about his book and some of the stories in it, he also shared the story behind Poison's popular hit "Every Rose Has Its Thorn." He said that he was sitting in a laundry mat and called his girlfriend when he heard another guy in the background. He was heartbroken and wrote the lyrics to the hit song.

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