Brett Eldredge has returned with not one, not two, but THREE brand new songs — "Gabrielle," "Where The Heart Is" and "Crowd My Mind" — giving fans a glimpse into his forthcoming new album, Sunday Drive (due out in July). Sunday Drive follows Brett's 2017-self-titled album, and includes 12 new songs.

"Gabrielle" is about reflecting on a past relationship that ultimately just didn't work out. He sings in the chorus, "Oh, was it your heart or mine?/ Was it just the wrong time, Gabrielle?/ We never got very far/ But, girl, wherever you are/ I wish you well."

In a statement, Eldredge explained of the inspiration behind his new song, "'Gabrielle' is all about looking back on a relationship that didn't necessarily go wrong, it just never quite made it there. You always wonder where that person is, what it could've been, what your life could have been with them and I think we've all been there and I think just hearing Gabrielle, there's a lot of Gabrielles out there, whatever your name is, you're Gabrielle."

The piano-heavy "Crowd My Mind," is also retrospective as Brett talks about thinking about someone every day. He sings, "And not a day goes by/ I don't need your smile/ I don't feel your heart/ In every mile/ Empty streets/ And whistlin' pines/ But not a day goes by/ You don't crowd in my mind."

And, the "Crowd My Mind" lyric video is filled with scenery from Chicago, not too far from where Eldredge grew up.

The third song from Sunday Drive Brett shared, "Where The Heart Is," talks about finding love. He sings, "'Cause I'm just lookin'/ Lookin' for somethin' true/ And I believe that I might find it/ Maybe I'll find it in you," and continues in the chorus, "Just show me where the heart is."

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