5th straight win. Bowl games could get a little interesting.

The Broncos are in Fort Collins, CO today to take on a team that is among the best in the nation at moving the ball. The Rams.

Game will air on CBSSN at 8:30 p.m. MST.

Boise State is moving right along, coming off another win last week against Nevada and remains undefeated in the conference.  Wyoming took the W over Colorado State, barely squeaking by 16-13 and right on Boise States tail holding second in the Division.

https://www.underdogdynasty.com has some interesting info: "There’s a good chance several Power 5 conferences could come up short when filling out their bowl obligations. Many of those conferences have a ton of bowls they are affiliated with, and as the middling P5 teams cannibalize themselves, some of those slots could go unfilled". They also stated the Mountain West could end up in the Foster Farms Bowl keeping in mind the Poinsettia Bowl is no more.

It's an interesting read and things could get VERY interesting in the coming weeks:  How Group of 5 Teams Could End Up in Power 5 Bowls this Season

Good luck, Broncos! Let's bring home win #6!


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