You can now catch your movies just like we did back in the good old days in a car, outside when the lights go down and the temperature's just perfect to bring your whole family along with any and all snacks you want from home.

The Terrace Drive-In Theater in Caldwell, Idaho is one of the sole survivors when it comes to drive-in theaters.  These special places may someday become extinct because we all have so many options now when it comes to watching movies.  There are theaters with XD, lounge chairs, built in theaters at your home, massive big screen t.v.'s and hundreds of other options that allow people to watch their movies but there's absolutely nothing like taking your family to a drive-in.

The Terrace Drive-In Theater is at 4011 South Lake Avenue, Caldwell, Idaho and they're now showing movies on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights.  One of the best perks about drive-ins is that you get two movies for the price of one.  CLICK HERE for the breakdown of what's showing on what night.

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