What does Donald Trump have to do to win Idaho?  Does he need Idaho?  Does he care?


The primaries are in and "The Donald" took 2nd to Ted Cruz here in the good ole Potato State yesterday.  Final results are...

  • Ted Cruz wins with 45.5% of the votes.  100,942 votes and 20 Delegates.
  • Donald Trump had 28.1% of the votes.  62, 478 votes and 12 Delegates.
  • Marco Rubio had 15.9% of the votes.  35, 347 votes.
  • Kasich had 7.4% of the votes.  16, 517 votes.


At least 20% of the votes are necessary to win delegates which is why Rubio and Kasich have none.


I'm not real big on politics and I feel pretty much like we're trying to choose the best of the worst.  This whole campaign has been one big circus act that we're all still scratching our heads over.  I still can't believe the guy who coined the phrase "You're Fired" is actually in the running.  Not only in the running, but he's winning.  And I'm not so sure he isn't the best candidate.


Did Cruz win simply because he took the time to give Idaho a little TLC over the weekend?  Rubio did as well and it didn't do him much good for him.  But is Rubio really in the running at all?  There's always those candidates who hang on for dear life no matter how desperate or impossible it becomes.  Is that where Rubio is?  Should Rubio fans jump ship and start choosing someone with a real chance?  And what about Kasich?  You never hear about that guy.  What are these people hoping for?


My thoughts... Donald Trump will never win Idaho.  Idaho is very conservative and Donald is out there.  Way out there!  I'm shocked he's still pulling in 30% of our votes.  He is because he's in your face, firm, outrageous, and very different than anyone we've seen in this position before.  Americans are tired of the same old politicians messing things up year after year.  That doesn't mean Trump's the answer.  But the shock value alone grabs our attention and sometimes attention is all it takes to get people to write your name down.  He won't win Idaho and he doesn't care.  As much as he LOVES potatoes, and yes he's stated that he loves us for our potatoes... his focus is not here.  And I believe Mr. Trump is just fine with that.