Whoah!  I don't know what happened here but this is CRAZY!  Some kid drives his BMW into the student parking lot and the whole thing blows up, catches fire, and craziness ensues as you've never seen.

Meridian Fire Chief John Overton told KTVB this happened Monday afternoon.  The driver of the vehicle (Usman Takhsilov) pulled into the parking lot of the school with smoke coming out of the engine area.  Overton was smart enough to drive the car into a secluded area to keep it away from people and other vehicles.  That's when the whole thing caught fire and his little BMW burned to the point of no return.

The Meridian Police Department is investigating what the cause was.  No answers yet although Overton did just have an oil change and the technician did say he had an oil leak so it's possible that was the problem.  Positives here... Nobody was hurt.  We'll keep you posted.]

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