Golf and retirement are two words that go together like peanut butter and jelly. Idaho has ranked the 17th best state for golfers to retire, which is fantastic, according to a new study on They mention that since 2020 gold has seen its biggest boom, with a record high of 6.2 million new golfers. It's the most considerable increase in new players since a prime Tiger Woods hit the scene. So if you want to retire in a golf-friendly state, you're in a good place here in Idaho. 

According to the National Golf Foundation, the age group with the most hours on the course is those aged 60-69. They played an average of 29 rounds in 2020, with golfers over 70 playing 40 times during the year. 

To come up with the best states for golfers to retire, they used five categories: Golf courses per capita, green fees, sunlight, home value, and Bud Light value. For example, the cheapest Bud Light is $3.44 in Montana, giving them a score of 100 in that specific category. 

According to, there are 121 golf courses in Idaho, with 26 in Boise. Fifteen are in Coeur d'Alene, with the Coeur d'Alene Resort being famous for its Scott Miller designed par-3 14th hole. It has a moveable floating green that can only be reached by boat. Then there's the championship 18-hole Red Hawk Golf Course in Nampa, which has views of the Owyhee Mountains and Lake Lowell. 

The three worst states for golf retirees: 

1. New York

  • Golf Courses Per Capita Score: 36.7
  • Green Fees Score: 18.4 
  • Sunlight Score: 2.0 
  • Home Value Score: 16.4
  • Bud Light Score: 12.3
  • Total: 17.2

2. Maryland:

  • Golf Courses Per Capita Score: 8.1
  • Green Fees Score: 22.5
  • Sunlight Score: 30.6
  • Home Value Score: 14.3
  • Bud Light Score: 16.4
  • Total: 18.4

3. California:

  • Golf Courses Per Capita Score: 2.0
  • Green Fees Score: 2.1
  • Sunlight Score: 85.7
  • Home Value Score: 2.1
  • Bud Light Score: 6.2
  • Total: 19.6

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