Remember when the City of Boise announced they would start collecting specific waste that would be turned into compost? I always thought this was a genius idea, and now it seems the program has work SO well that the city has enough compost that it could sell to businesses in the area. According to Boise Weekly, the City of Boise Public Works Department said that when their first batch of compost was ready, residents came quickly, taking home "roughly 400 cubic yards in four days."

That seems like a ton, right? Well, it seems like this year alone, they're expecting up to 10,000 cubic yards of compost. Which is "above and beyond what we can give back to customers and use on city facilities." So after all the residents who want it get their allotted once cubic yard each (equivalent to the bed of a compact pickup truck), and all the city's facilities are taken care of, then, they'll be selling it to interested business at $8/cubic yard.

That's a hell of a deal if you ask me! The money garnered from the sales of the compost will be put back into the program, "offsetting costs and potentially helping to keep the participation price for customers down over time." Wondering when the next batch will be ready for pickup? CLICK HERE to get more details on a date.