Many Idahoans are having a hard time and straight up refusing to adapt and adjust to the massive changes happening in Idaho and the Treasure Valley as more and more transplants move here from various states. There is especially a resounding resentment around Californians moving to the gem state. That being said most Californians moving are escaping from a state that has disappointed them over and over again and are simply looking for a better place and a better way of life for themselves and their families. Can you blame them? Idaho rocks and is a fantastic place to be and a stellar place to live and raise a family.

The other day I was stuck in traffic on I-84, yes I know part of why traffic has gotten worse in the Boise area is due to so many people moving here but that is not what this is about. The car in front of me had a California license plate. Those are certainly present as you drive around the Treasure Valley but upon further investigation, well just looking closer I couldn't help but giggle as this clever Californian, or ex Californian was quite proud to be moving to Idaho. I saw it was giving Cali a middle finger with the message on the plate.

Cali Idaho Plate, by Nikki West
Cali Idaho Plate, by Nikki West

A California license plate saying GONE2ID or Gone to Idaho, P.S. I'm done with Cali and its B.S.

While I do agree that transplants should quickly get their plates changed to Idaho ones, I had to throw a little respect out there for this one. I wonder what they will come up with for when they do change over to Idaho plates??

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