Another school shooting has taken place.  This one took place a few hours ago at a Colorado STEM school.  According to NBC News, at least eight people have been injured, some in critical condition, and two people believed to be students at the school have been apprehended.

Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock stated...

Two individuals walked in to the STEM school, got deep inside inside the school and engaged students in two separate locations.  One suspect is a juvenile male and the other is an adult male.

As of now, the only weapon confiscated we know of is a handgun.  We're at the beginning stages of this investigation so I'm sure a lot of information will be released over the next few hours.

STEM School Highlands Ranch is the exact name of the school and they have approximately 1,850 students — 550 elementary age students, 700 in middle school and 600 high school students.

One thing I find very eerie is that this school is only eight miles away from Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado which, of course, had their own tragedy with a student shooting many years ago.

We're thinking and praying for all the victims and their families tonight.  We'd love to see everyone survive and get back to their families.  God bless you!