A pretty unique visitor is coming to Boise!  And when we say unique, we mean ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD :) The Discovery Center of Idaho is bringing Sue, the largest T-Rex fossil to the Treasure Valley.  She'll be coming to us via the Chicago Field Museum.

Sue's enormous skeleton will take up pretty much all the space in the center's exhibition room as she stands at 13 feet tall and is 42 feet long.  They even had to remodel the ceiling and put in a new door to accommodate her.  Laura Hampikian, Discovery Center director of development says, "it's seriously the biggest T-Rex fossil that ever, ever was uncovered. It was uncovered by a super-awesome paleontologist named Sue, which is (who) she's named after."

The exhibition will open on Jan 21.  However, the center still needs the public's help to bring her here. If you'd like to make a donation to the effort to bring Sue to Boise, just CLICK HERE.

Hampikian goes on to say, ""can you imagine a better Christmas present than telling your kids that you helped bring an actual T-Rex fossil to Boise, Idaho?"

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