Who would have thought someone would put together a list of "The Best Independent Grocery Store in Every State." But since someone did, we should celebrate the business that has made that list in Idaho. 

What makes independent grocery stores so special? 

Shopping at the locally owned grocery store helps keep money within the community. These stores are often smaller businesses that reinvest a higher percentage of their revenue locally, supporting other local companies and creating more jobs. 

Local independent stores have a more personal touch, with staff who may know you by name and be more attentive. Having a unique selection that sometimes the larger chain stores will get different from locally-produced or artisanal products is one big reason I appreciate the local independent grocery stores. 

Which Idaho independent grocery store made the list of "The Best Independent Grocery Store in Every State? 

You will find a store named Nel's Bi-Lo Market in Pocatello, Idaho. They took the crown out of all the independent grocery stores throughout Idaho, and here's how they made the list.

Nel's Bi-lo Market/Yelp
Nel's Bi-lo Market/Yelp

  "Our selections are based on genuine user reviews, awards and accolades, and the first-hand experience of our team. They're also regularly checked and updated." 

On the list that LoveFood has put out, they highlighted that Nel's Bi-Lo is known for having the best meat around that area and their meals in a box. LoveFood also mentions, "In addition, this place stocks baked goods like cinnamon rolls, fresh fruit and veg, pantry supplies, and flower baskets, making it a great alternative to big supermarkets."

Source: LoveFood 

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