UPDATE:  Woman's dead body was found in the trunk of her car.  Very few details were originally released but we know now that the Elmore County Sheriff's Department is treating this as a homicide.  Here's the original story...


71-year-old Paula Knudson Ferbrache was reported missing about 7 o'clock Friday night.  The report stated she left work about 2 p.m. and never made it home.  Authorities searched and searched, primarily looking for her or her car, something to just point them into the right direction.  By 8 a.m. Saturday morning the search was suspended.  Just a few minutes after the search was suspended a call came in about her car located on a dirt road in an agricultural area a few miles northeast of Mountain Home.


Ferbrache's body was found in the car and investigators are not speculating yet as to what the cause of death was.  They are, however treating this case as suspicious because, well, it is suspicious.


The autopsy is scheduled for this afternoon and the Idaho State Police are helping with the investigation.

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