You don't hear of the death penalty much here in Idaho but the topic is coming up a lot when discussing these two men killing a high school teenager in Twin Falls last year.


19-year-old Gerardo Chavez and 20-year-old Jose Alvarez pleaded "Not Guilty" to felony counts of murder and intimidating a witness.


On May 7 of 2016 these two men are believed to have executed a drive-by-shooting which killed 15-year-old Vason Lee Wildaman.  The judge just set their bond at $5 million to make sure these two don't go anywhere.  Neither have attempted to post bond.


Many believe the death penalty should be attempted but Twin Falls County Prosecutor Grant Loebs says they just don't have the evidence for that.  They'll be prosecuted and prosecuted harshly but it looks like there will be no death penalty.


Lost in all the banter and discussions of who's guilty and what should be done we need to remember, there's a family out there that no longer has their 15-year-old boy.  A family that's incomplete.  A family that needs love, support, and as many prayers as we can send.