Idaho's most favorite and famous native Idahoan is Aaron Paul. Breaking Bad made him a household name and he has since gone on to do some amazing things including starting a tequila brand.

Idaho also tips it's hat on being the place that Napoleon Dynamite was filmed.

Celebrities love Idaho. A lot have homes here including a massive one that is hidden that Arnold Schwarzenegger owns.

Actress Christina Hendricks has done a ton of Television and movies. Most known for her role in Mad Men and Good Girls. I just recently learned that, while not born here Christina lived in Idaho since a very young age and even get her start in acting right here in the Gem State.

According to her biography on IMDB, "Christina Rene Hendricks was born in Knoxville, Tennessee, and grew up in Twin Falls, Idaho."

Wikipedia says, "Born to an American mother and English father in Knoxville, Tennessee, Hendricks was raised in Portland, Oregon, and Twin Falls, Idaho, where she became active in local theater."

So while we cant claim her as a native, every time you see this bold beauty in interviews, on the red carpet or on the big screen you know that a whole lot of that influence came from Idaho.

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