This is a genius website.  A student software developer and an artist started discussing how much toilet paper they actually used and how long it would last them during a COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic lockdown.  They then created a website that with sliders you could determine how much toilet paper you need based on the amount of times you go to the restroom.  You can even change things up to determine how much toilet paper you need if you are someone that wipes more than most or how long your quarantine might last.  After having the site up for a short period of time, they’ve found that the average person has 500% more toilet paper than they actually need.  I put in the amount that I have and found that I will be able to last 23 days without stocking up.  That’s nine days more than a 14-day quarantine, so I have much less anxiety about it now than I did before.

Try it for yourself at  You’ll either realize that you have enough or you’ll be one of the people in line at the store at 5:30 tomorrow morning!