Idahoans! Here's some great news that makes us all proud. WalletHub has ranked Idaho 11th among the most independent states. This ranking highlights our strong spirit of self-reliance and ability to thrive without heavy reliance on external support.

So, what's behind this impressive ranking? For starters, Idaho boasts a healthy financial profile. With a median credit score and a low percentage of households receiving public assistance, it's clear that Idahoans know how to manage their finances effectively. Plus, our state has a low share of adults with gambling disorders, indicating responsible personal behavior that contributes to overall stability.




  • Overall Rank: 11th
  • Financial Dependency Rank: 26th
  • Government Dependency Rank: 24th
  • job-Market Dependency Rank: 31st
  • International Trade Dependency Rank: 2nd
  • Vice Dependency Rank: 14th

The job market here is another big factor. Idaho's low unemployment rate and solid job growth reflect a robust economy that offers plenty of opportunities for residents. This means fewer people need to rely on government support, further boosting our independence.

Idaho isn't heavily reliant on federal funding or public assistance programs. This self-sustaining economy allows us to stand strong on our own two feet, demonstrating that we can succeed without needing a lot of outside help.

Idaho's 11th place ranking underscores our state's resilience and ability to build a strong, self-reliant community. By continuing to focus on financial stability and job growth, we can further enhance our independence and make Idaho an even greater place to live.

For more details, check out the full article on WalletHub.

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