It's a done deal.  No maybe.  No more meetings with residents expressing concerns and no more paperwork.  Eagle, Idaho will officially get it's very first movie theater and it's going to be NICE.  We're talking the big, cushy reclining seats at a Luxury Theater designed for comfort, class, and the absolute best movie watching experience EVER.

The Luxe Reel Theater will be going in at The Bridges at Lakemoor on Eagle Road just north of Chinden Boulevard.  If you've ever driven by there you see a lot of construction going on in this complex which currently has T Sheets and two different workout studios.

Here's a break down of the process and development of the new theater

  • Start building parking lot (in a week or two)
  • Go vertical with construction (December)
  • Opening (October of 2019)

Eagle has been growing drastically at a rapid pace.  According to KTVB, there are 30,000 people that currently live in Eagle, Idaho and most of those people are well above average as far as income goes.  A lot of those people are tired of having to go long distances to shop, go to the movies, or just about any other daily activity people have.  Sooooooo the answer is... "if you build it, he will come".  I think that's the quote right?  Close enough.

The new theater will be approximately 28,000 square feet and seat 657 occupants.  That's a lot when you consider how much space those big recliners take up.  Hawkins Companies Development Partner, Paul Stephens says...

People don’t want to maybe be interrupted nine or 10 times during a movie so we're not serving food to you in your chair during the movie.  What you will have is all recliner seating – big wide seats that you can lay back. We're going for the true movie theater experience.


  1. Traffic

  2. Traffic


Residents feel like things are already getting too congested and especially down Eagle Road which yes, we all know how much of a nightmare that is, that's definitely a downside.  Overall there's been mostly positive feedback about the development.  Hey, you gotta take the bad with the good right?  Let's sit back, drop some dollar bills on a coke and some popcorn and enjoy.  

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