Top 10 Scariest Ghost Movies of All Time
While I cant admit to being a huge horror film fan I can apricate a good creepy movie from time to time. Here is a list of some of the best of Ghost inspired spooky movies. Scroll to the end and if yours is not on here let me know at the form on the end what your fave is...
Hocus Pocus Sequel Updates from Bette Midler
Hard to believe the original came out in 1993 and became a cult classic after originally being a box office bomb. It currently remains unknown if the project will be a direct sequel to the original film or a reboot but most signs are pointing to a long awaited sequel.
Test Your Napoleon Dynamite Knowledge!
Who doesn't love the movie "Napoleon Dynamite!?!" Especially cuz arguably, it's one of the biggest films to be shot and take and place in Idaho.  So let's see how much you REALLY know about the movie with this short 6 question quiz. Answers posted below...
Movie Weekend Review
My family and I went to a couple movies over the Thanksgiving weekend, here's my thoughts on what we saw at the box office.

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