18-year-old Marcus Shimchick was acting up in class at Eagle High School Thursday morning around 8:30 when another student was conducting an interactive classroom activity.  Typical behavior from a high school kid right?  Wrong!

Shimchick was asked to quiet down which only escalated his behavior.  When asked a second time, Shimchick jumped out of his chair and started beating his classmate that was running the activity.  Other classmates jumped in immediately trying to stop the beating but it took a lot to get Shimchick off of the student.

One other student was injured but the injury was only minor.  The teen conducting the activity was transported to the hospital with serious but not life threatening injuries.  Shimchick was apprehended by the school's resource officer and then handed over to the Eagle Police.

According to KTVB Shimchick will face felony charges of aggravated battery and because he's 18, he is an adult.  He's currently being held in the Ada County Jail and will appear in court tomorrow afternoon.  He's facing a possible 15 year sentence if convicted.

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