It's blistering hotness in Boise this week and more where that's coming from. Just when you thought things would cool down, Elsa left the building.

Welcome to Idaho where we get everything, but sometimes it's just a bit much. You don't want to go out (it's hot), go swimming (it's hot), or float the river (it's still hot). Take a road trip to Yellowstone and watch the temperature drop 20 degrees. That's more like it.

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Boise to Mammoth Hot Springs Before Labor Day

I've not been to Yellowstone National Park, but it seems like I've been writing about it for years. Mammoth Hot Springs is around 6 hours from Boise approximately 436 miles away. The number one thing you should notice on your trip is a dip in temperatures. It's just dangerously hot in Boise right now. This makes it very difficult to take the kids out swimming or floating the Bosie River.

The temperatures in Mammoth are at least 20 degrees cooler making this week's average at 80 degrees. Doesn't that sound beautiful?

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The Cave Turned Inside Out - Mammoth Hot Springs Looks Like No Other

Yellowstone National Park spans over 2 million acres making it larger than Rhode Island and Delaware together. It's big! Mammoth is different because the limestone is a very soft rock which allows the travertine formations to grow faster than other formations. This is what gives the park the kind of a catchphrase, the cave turned inside out.

  • Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces - Two terrace type boardwalks (upper and lower) Both boardwalks are accessible by visitors. You have Liberty Cap, Minerva Spring, and Orange Spring Mound

You can make a full trip out of this travel time-off by stopping over at American Falls, Idaho. This is somewhat your halfway spot and you can stay at the hotels and have fun. Idaho High Country has a ton to offer for families looking for some time away.


I'll post up links below and some photos. You can visit the Mammoth Hot Springs page here.


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