An escape sounds lovely, doesn't it?

It would be nice to just run away from the craziness that is 2020 for a few days wouldn't it? I mean, it would honestly be great for all of us to run away for the rest of the year. Either way, we just need to get away from the stress. I recommend you take your vacation days. They're there for a reason and I think you could really benefit from them.

Why not take a trip to the best place to escape in Idaho?

Expedia compiled this list of the Best Place to Escape to in Every State. For Idaho they chose Salmon. Although I've never been there myself, it sounds fabulous with plenty to do for everyone.

Expedia says the River of No Return might "embody your reluctance to go back to daily life once you've enjoyed its treasures." The River of No Return is the Salmon River that flows through Idaho. You can sail down the Salmon on a guided excursion or cruise along its banks on the Salmon River Scenic Byway.

I'm pretty interested in the Goldbug Hot Springs which sound relaxing and rejuvenating. There's also mountain yoga available. This is really starting to feel therapeutic.

Have you ever been to Salmon? It sounds like a great place to travel to with the family or friends, that special someone, or even just yourself. Maybe the ides of a "solomoon" is right up your alley.

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