Imagine walking onto a "Lord of The Rings" set that's located in New Zealand. Big grassy rolling hills and the architecture reminds you of a hobbit home. That is exactly what this Airbnb will be like and it's only five hours from Boise.

You won't believe me when I try to describe this place to you, but I think the host of this Airbnb did a great job.

"With a touch of Tolkien, relax in this storybook home. Set high upon a dragonfly filled knoll overlooking a pond. Watch the birds, deer, and wild turkeys roam from out the large circular glass moon door. Step outside onto the veranda and take a dip in the wooden barrel hot tub. Stroll the 27-acre woods and sip tea by the glass mosaic fireplace. Crawl into the cozy bed nook and read a book written by JRR Tolkien. Enjoy the silence and the sounds of nature as you've found your fantasy getaway."

If you have no idea what they are talking about take a look at this picture.


The Airbnb only will host two guests with one bedroom and one bathroom. By the looks of what they have on their page is that a lot of people are wanting to host some kind of event but they are putting the kibosh on that for now "Although this potentially could be a magical venue for intimate events in the future. Currently, it is not appropriately set up. Events are not allowed and will be denied, sorry! Maximum 2 adults onsite and not appropriate for children."

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