Experience the Pacific Northwest in a custom-built container home. "The Pacific Bin" was built in 2022 near Sultan, Washington, and has captured the attention of many people and has more than 750K on its Instagram.

This container home that you can rent on Airbnb is stunning. If you want to spend time in a secluded area of Washington and enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, biking, and rafting, this place is for you! This Airbnb sleeps up to 7 people, with a king-sized bed in the large bedroom. You can enjoy the seven-person salt water hot tub when you're nestled between the trees a mile outside of Seattle. What you won't find on the Airbnb listing is that there's a helicopter landing zone. The home has a Tesla car charging station. It's over 1600 square feet with a 900 square-foot deck. You've got to see what they had to do to get this container home built. You can watch the journey on their TikTok page.

@thepacificbin 6 months deep into the build! #fyp #containerhouse #airbnb #foryoupage ♬ original sound - ThePacificBin

Don't worry if you still need technology. They do have TV and Wifi for your entertainment purposes, but once you see the surroundings of this container home, I wonder if you'll want to spend much time inside.

The Pacific Bin

If you were to take seven people to this Airbnb, it would cost you about $368 a night, but you can book directly through them for a 5% discount.

Everything about this container home is stunning.

The Pacific Bin Airbnb

This incredible container home is on Airbnb and not far from Boise. Enjoy the forest, hiking, mountain biking, and rafting.

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