If you're a Bachelor fan, it just got better... and more entertaining! ESPN had a hand in a new little game.

I don't about you but I make The Bachelor a little bit competitive, I watch with my girlfriends and my boyfriend. We make fun, friendly bets and we always had our own version of a "pool".

Well, now it's official! With the help of ESPN The Bachelor has created a "Fantasy League" where you can predict who will receive the final rose, yes, it's now a thing.

Nick Viall is the new Bachelor, which airs Monday, January 2nd on ABC. Nick has been all over the board, he's been viewed as a bit of a Villain the last few years until his recent "Bachelor in Paradise" season last summer where he appeared to be... kind of a nice guy?

I hate spoilers so I am very cautious with what I click on to read but I think this season is going to be nothing shy of completely hilarious!

Let the drama begin!

Check out the Fantasy League: http://games.abc.go.com/