With the recent stories and sting operations happening here in the Boise area these horrible acts of crime are hitting way too close to home.  It's one thing to see adults go through difficult situations and I'm not downplaying any of that but when I see an innocent, helpless child abused in the way that's unspeakable, my blood boils.

The recent "To Catch a Predator" type sting in Boise has 11 men fighting for their freedom.  The stories range from older men bringing slurpees and candy to help entice little girls to men attempting relationships with mother / daughter pairs and one man allegedly was caught on tape saying he wanted to get a 15-year-old girl pregnant and then molest the newborn baby.

According to the Idaho Statesmen 64-year-old Heraclio Gamez-Nava has a few things in common with these men.  He decided to keep it in the family and has allegedly had sexual relations with his little girl which eventually ended with her becoming pregnant at 12-years-old.

Gamez-Nava took his wife and went On-The-Run immediately hiding out in Porter, Texas.  He was On-The-Run for more than 11 years before cops finally pulled him and his wife over for going the wrong way under an overpass.  The woman questioned told officers her husband's name was Rosalez but and I.D. was found with Gamez-Nava's name and picture.  When they ran his name the warrant popped up and now this man will face his day in court.

Gamez-Nava's daughter is now 23-years-old and we have no information as to her whereabouts or how she's doing.  Maybe that's best.  Hopefully she's found a way to move on in life and leave all this evil behind her.

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