This weekend dozens of Boiseans took off their clothes and ran through the downtown streets in their underwear to raise money and awareness for NF.  The fact that for any cause, people are willing to do a “brief” run like this made me wonder just how many crazy themed runs there are.  If you wish you had heard of the Boise Undie Run before now, there are plenty of other crazy runs that you still have time to participate in. 

Insane Inflatable 5K 

11 inflatable obstacles are part of the fun on an entirely inflatable 5K course at this traveling race that raises money for the American Cancer Society.  It doesn’t come to Boise yet, but it does go to cities as close as Missoula, Montana on June 20th.  Check it out HERE

Murder Mystery 5K Scavenger Hunt 

Admittedly, doing a 5K doesn’t seem like a whole lot of fun to me, but maybe if I were solving a murder it wouldn’t even feel like exercise!  On top of that, you’re raising money for cancer patients in Indonesia.This one is in three different cities this year, all in California.  Fullerton, Santa Ana and Dana Point.  Get the info HERE.   

A Christmas Story 5K & 10K 

The movie wasn’t set in Cleveland, but that is where the movie was filmed.  Runners dress up like Ralphie, a leg lamp or in bunny suits.  The race starts at Higbee’s, the department store in the movie and goes to the famous house where Ralphie and his family lived.  This year’s event happens on December 5th and you can register HERE.   

The Zombie Fun Run 

It was recognized by USA Today and it sounds like a lot of fun.  Each runner straps on a set of flags and runs the 5K while being chased by zombies who are trying to pull the flags.  It’s in Lancaster, Pennsylvania on November 14th and you can sign up HERE.  

The Las Vegas Great Santa Run 

This last one is the one I am most familiar with because I’ve hosted it for the past five years.  It takes place on Fremont Street in old Vegas and the main stage always has guest performers like the Chippendales, Wayne Newton, Olivia Newton John and so many more.  10,000 people dress up in Santa suits and raise money for people with disabilities.  You can be a part of it by signing up HERE.