According to KTVB this is one of the deadliest flu seasons in Idaho history.  I don't know too many people who haven't caught some version of this nasty virus over the past six months and some have caught it multiple times.  I, myself went down hard twice.  Both times took a good three weeks before I could function properly.  Different people had different symptoms but for me I couldn't get out of bed and laying in bed was miserable.  The second time around came with a nice dose of insomnia which continued through prescription medications.  The meds did nothing for me.

Sadly the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare have reported eight more deaths here in Idaho over the past few weeks related to the flu.  Seven of those deaths happened right here in Ada County.

Your best line of defense is getting the flu shot.  I know it seems weird to get a flu shot in mid April but that's what experts are asking us to do.

While we do not have access to the names or identities of those who've died I would imagine the majority if not all victims are either elderly or the youth.  The influenza virus effects these demographics much more harshly than the rest of us.  Please keep an eye on your loved ones and do not be afraid to take that doctors trip earlier rather than later.

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