Holy Crap! I wouldn't leave the house for the rest of the day if I woke up to this. Imagine waking up and getting ready to brew coffee, whip up some delicious breakfast, and open up the curtains to enjoy the beautiful views in Sun Valley, Idaho, and then boom, a mountain lion.

There wasn't just one mountain lion when Jordan Brown captured this video. There were four mountain lions, a mother, and her three babies. Her anxiety and everyone who witnessed this was through the roof and were probably on high alert the rest of the day.

I've heard mountain lions try to avoid human interaction, but a mom trying to protect her cubs is another story. In the video, you can see a couple of the cubs playing on and around the jacuzzi while mom seems to be on high alert. Do you think Jordan and her friends used the jacuzzi in the dark after this? I'm sure they did, as the family propbably kept moving and looking for a place that was probably not so close to humans.

This isn't the first time someone's interaction with a mountain lion went viral in Idaho. Then, in October of 2022, there was video footage of a terrifying interaction with a mountain when a hunter was going elk hunting. In this video, Jared attempts to shoot and scare off the mountain lion.

A Look At This Scary Idaho Mountain Lion Encounter

This video is absolutely terrifying-- here is a closer look and you can watch the full video for yourself, BELOW:

Here's Everything You Need To Know If You Run Into A Mountain Lion In Boise

This information is courtesy of Idaho Fish and Game.

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