Could you see yourself driving the new Ford Bronco around the Treasure Valley? Do you think it's too closely associated with the O.J. chase back in 1994?

Man, I remember as a kid seeing the chase and all you heard about for months on end was the O.J. Simpson trial. What a time to be alive! When I was in Las Vegas, O.J. had moved there after getting out of jail and he's always seen out and about in town, I mean the guy is living his best life. I've seen the docu-series and read quite a bit about the whole thing, it's a pretty wild story, and he made a lot of noise for the Ford Bronco back in the 90's.

Now the Bronco is back, and it looks pretty cool! Ford has decided to release it on July 9th, which also happens to be O.J's birthday. Coincidence or weird joke? Either way, I've been a Chevy guy for some time but I don't know, I might rock a Bronco one day! Maybe not a white one though...


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