It used to be that Nampa, Idaho offered full-day tuition-free kindergarten if you chose to send your child to school every other day.  That is now a thing of the past.

Governor Brad Little recently implemented the doubling of funds for its early literacy program which is now bringing in enough money to help provide better opportunities for our children.  In the past, parents did have the option of sending their child to full-day kindergarten five times a week but it came with a $250 per month fee.  There are now a lot of happy moms and dads in Nampa who can pocket that money and keep it.

The Idaho Statesman reports that Kuna, Idaho is also offering Free full-day kindergarten five times a week.  Larger areas have a more difficult time implementing this because there are a lot more kids at the kindergarten age.  Examples are the Boise School District and the Ada County School District.  They both still charge $250 per month if you want your kindergarten child to attend full-day school every day.  That's okay.  Baby steps right?  We'll get there.  For now, this is great news for families in both Nampa and Kuna.

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