Jon Pardi is on a roll. He's in our Future Hit At Five spotlight tonight on Wow Country 104.3!His last two singles, "Dirt On My Boots" and "Heartache On The Dance Floor" have both hit the number one spots on the Billboard Country Charts. His new single called "If She Ain't In It" may follow the same path.

I've said it before, and with this song, I'll say it again. Country music ain't dead. It has several different forms at the present time, but like anything else, it's cyclical and it continues to morph into different sounds. Traditional country (you know, the stuff with steel guitars, banjos, fiddles, even pianos, isn't dead at all. I get tired of hearing "oh...the new country isn't real country." Not so. There are plenty of contemporary country artists making great "traditional country" music.

Jon Pardi is one of those guys. He's in our Future Hit At Five spotlight tonight.

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