Everything you ever wanted to know about Earl Dibbles, Jr....and then some!

Most days, Granger Smith is mild mannered, a bit quiet, and the proud father of three. He has a beautiful wife named Amber, and lately, his country career is reaching new levels.

However, when he's on stage...at some point a whole new "Granger" emerges..in the form of Earl Dibbles, Jr., and the show is on!

Earl Dibbles, Jr. is the alter-ego of Granger. He came about as a result of a conversation with Granger's brother, Tyler. They wanted to do something that would generate a lot of YouTube views, and after some discussion, came up with the personna that is now famous.

When you come to the Boise Music Festival on Saturday, you'll get to see Granger Smith, and yes...Earl Dibbles Jr., a character that has MILLIONS of YouTube views and is as popular (possibly more) than a lot of other country stars!

The irony of it is....Granger....and Earl....are really NOTHING alike, which makes the Earl character even funnier, because the true Granger fans know and love him, and know that Earl Dibbles Jr., is a character being played by Granger. Kinda like seeing a serious actor playing someone totally out of character.

You can read more about Granger's alter ego, Earl Dibbles Jr.  HERE

So get ready to "YEE YEE!" it up and join us Saturday at the Boise Music Festival for Granger Smith on the Commerical Tire Main Stage at 6:30pm!


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