Everyone needs to have a shirt from their favorite radio station! Get yours today! 

First, the shirts are funny and sports the WOW logo. Second, the funds go to an amazing cause! There is a catch, they are only available for a short period of time!

For $21.99 you will get a Hanes Tagless, "WOW Country 104.3 is Covfefe (unless that's bad, then we're not that) t-shirt! Don't know what "Covfefe" is? Google. Even Google get's confused though so don't get your hopes up. Why not ride the wave, right?

The best part? (other than you have a WOW t-shirt, of course) the proceeds go St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. If we sell 104 shirts, that's almost $1,000 for St. Jude!

Hurry though, they are only available till June 23rd.

Click Here to purchase yours today!

WOW Shirt
WOW Shirt Back

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