You've heard the rumors of how the old Idaho State Penitentiary is haunted.
If you wanna go on a ghost hunt and find out for yourself, here's your chance!

The International Paranormal Reporting Group is going to see if they can make connection with the ghosts rumored to be running...or....floating...around the old prison. You can go along and see if they actually find something!

The IPRG will have their special and unique equipment to see if they can detect any paranormal presence in the old cells and cell blocks. Yikes!

It all happens from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. this  Friday, July 28th. Guests need to be 18 or over to participate. Admission is $35 but proceeds benefit the Idaho Historical Society and you're able to bring your own camera.

If you want tickets, you can get them at Brown Paper Tickets

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