I have been trying to plan a romantic weekend away with my wife. It’s been a crazy couple of months with us both getting new jobs, selling our house, and moving to Boise, Idaho. I felt like it was time for us to have a weekend away. My wife continues to bring up Sun Valley, so I did some homework and found some really cool things to explore when it comes to Sun Valley and the perfect weekend getaway and thanks to TripAdvisor my job was pretty easy.

I want to go up there during the winter, but we aren’t big skiers or snowboarders. But if a ski resort had a lodge, a bar, and an area to hang out with some fire pits and enjoy some great cocktails I think she would really enjoy that. I’m sure there will be plenty of other things we could do in Sun Valley as well.

Another component of the perfect weekend getaway with my wife is having restaurants that we can go to and enjoy. She likes wine and so sometimes it can be a little difficult to find a place that has a great wine selection but we’re also foodie people we don’t like the fancy upscale restaurants or you can get a steak and some scallops. We like restaurants where they get creative they do out-of-the-box things, so being able to find a Fuji restaurant is also important for us on a weekend getaway. It’s kind of like the cherry on top and of course, any time we can enjoy alone, which is usually always because we only have two dogs and no kids but you know what I’m saying when you get away, have a great conversation and just enjoy each other’s presence away from the chaos of what’s going on at home or at work. I think Sun Valley would be a great romantic weekend away and even if it’s not romantic, it’ll be a fun weekend just to get out of Boise and explore what Idaho has to offer.

So I’ve compiled the top three hotels, some popular things to do, and some of the trending restaurants right now in Sun Valley. If you know of any hidden gems in Sun Valley, please feel free to reach out and let me know.

Hotels In Sun Valley

Check Out These Great Places To Stay In Sun Valley

What To Do In Sun Valley

From skiing, snowboarding, and mountain biking! Check out all you can do in Sun Valley

Top Restaurants In Sun Valley

When visiting Sun Valley, you have to eat right?! Check out these Top Restaurants in Sun Valley on TripAdvisor.

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