Change is tough. I am not good at it and this announcement is not easy. For the past four years, you have welcomed me into your homes, in your cars, and into your lives, but it's time to MIX things up. 

This past month has been full of changes for me personally and professionally and if it's taught me one thing it has been that although we naturally oppose change it often makes us grown and leads us to some of the most beautiful places.

Today is my last day on 104.3 WOW Country, but I'm not moving far away. You can find me just a few notches up at MIX 106 every morning!

I've been in country music for 15 years. I go fan girl crazy for Brad Paisley, love singing in my car to Thomas Rhett and Old Dominion, but I'm excited to explore new music and I welcome this new adventure.

When you feel like a little Taylor Swift or Ed Sheeran I hope you'll join me over at MIX 106.

I have a blog you may follow called "Not The Way I Planned" and although this is very much not the way I pictured things I am so excited for a fresh start.

Thank you so much for listening to me on 104.3 WOW Country and I hope you'll be willing to "Mix" things up a bit and join me for these new beginnings.

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