The National Rifle Association has locked up the rights for hunters to hunt grizzly bears in Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana.

KTVB reports on the story that's got people talking.  Hunting grizzly bears will be a THING now.  In the past the grizzlies in Yellowstone have been protected by their threatened status but that was lifted in July.

Grizzly trophy hunts are now being considered for Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana.  So why now and why period?

It all comes down to bear attacks.  Unfortunately too many bears have developed no fear towards the human race.  Grizzlies are deadly in certain situations and if they're hungry, agitated, or just in the wrong place at the wrong time (or humans are in the wrong place at the wrong time), it often ends badly.

The NRA states that by killing a few bears each year it would improve public safety by making bears fear humans.

Different conservation groups are suing and doing everything they can to reinstate the protection the bears once had but they have an up hill battle.  There are over 700 bears in Yellowstone and attacks on humans have increased significantly since the animals have been protected in the last century.

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