Yes. No. Ok, yes. Actually no. I don't know, maybe. That has basically been the conversations when it comes to whether or not a downtown Boise stadium and event center would actually be constructed. Well, in the latest twist in this back-and-forth, the conversation is back to, "Yes". Chris Schoen, one of the partners in the proposed project, has sent out a letter outlining a scheduled meeting for people who live near the Shoreline-Americana property - where the stadium would sit. According to the Statesman, an application will be submitted to the city of Boise for "the development of a mixed-use commercial, retail and residential development, which will include the multi-purpose Boise Sports Park".

Schoen, who is also a partner in an Atlanta-based firm called, Greenstone Properties, says that Greenstone would agree to donate the land (4 acres) where the stadium would be built, plus add another $1 million cash toward the project. The total building cost would reach about $40 million, covered by government and private money. The city of Boise would contribute $3 million, The Greater Boise Auditorium District $5 million, and The Capital City Development Corp would pay the rest. Before any construction were to begin, the City Council would have to approve all rezoning applications and approve a final design.

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