You can never be too careful when it comes to your credit card activity. 

Boise Police are warning citizens of the Treasure Valley to be on the look out for credit card skimmers around the area. They are also asking businesses in the area to double check their credit card readers for skimmers.

"Boise Police have heard from over a dozen victims whose financial information has been compromised due to a card skimmer. Thieves have the technology to hide skimmers in plain sight and the card user is none the wiser," said Boise Police Sgt. John Terry. "The only way a citizen will know they've been victimized is to see a charge they didn't make on the statement from their bank or financial institution."

Boise PD said they've had reports from residents of the Treasure Valley who have had credit and debit card information stolen. In one particular incident, a skimmer actually fell off an ATM while a victim was trying to use it.

Skimmers are most often used at ATM machines and gas pumps, so be aware and make sure the machine or pump you are going to use has not been tampered with.

You can see photos of suspects and find out more about skimmer fraud in the Treasure Valley by clicking below.

Source: Boise PD

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