If you thought you may have seen 'The Fonz' fishing here in Idaho on Friday, you're probably right because he WAS fishing here in Idaho.  Where exactly, we don't know but Henry Winkler's been throwing out picture after picture of his fishing trip here in Idaho this weekend.  The one thing he isn't throwing out is exactly where he was fishing.  Check out some of his tweets he just released.

According to KTVB, Winkler has been known to stop by and fish at the Palisades Reservoir in Bonneville County, out in eastern Idaho in the past.  This may be where he visited this weekend but again, we're not sure.  No information has been released as to exactly where he was which is part of what makes Idaho so great.  You can hit your favorite fishing hot spots without anyone noticing you're any different than everyone else that's out there fishing.

I say, "Henry Winkler, welcome to our beautiful state.  It's always a pleasure having you.  Come back anytime."

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