With Americans getting ready to gather on July 4th, which is and should always be the most patriotic day of the year to celebrate this great nation, where do you think Idaho would rank on the list of Most Patriotic States list? 

WalletHub released its list of 2023's Most Patriotic States in America list this week, and the key factors that went into determining the overall score for each state were "Military Engagement and "Civic Engagement." Idaho wasn't the most patriotic state in the country, but it also wasn't the worst on the list either.  

Oregon, Washington, and Utah ranked higher on the list of Most Patriotic States in America, while California was at the bottom, ranked at #37. Idaho may not be the most patriotic state in the country, but Idaho was 1st for U.S. History or Civics Education requirement and 4th for volunteer hours per resident.  

What do you think are the characteristics of a good patriot? 

Is it as simple as loving your country? Embracing its values? Believing in this country's founding principles expressed in the Declaration of Independence? 

What are the best ways for an individual to show patriotism? 

Is saluting the flag just enough? Probably not. You can show patriotism by voting and civic-mindedness. Another way is to respect the rights of each other and the role that government plays in our lives. Then there's the ultimate sacrifice: to serve the country in our military. 

If I told you that Blue states are more patriotic than red states, what would you say? 

According to this report, the states that were designated as Blue based on how they voted in the 2020 election are more patriotic. It's not by much, the Red state's average rank was 25.20, and the Blue state's average was 25.80.

Top 20 Most Patriotic States In America

WalletHub released its list of the 2023's Most Patriotic States. Here are the Top 20.

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