Earlier this week a story broke about 3 dead bodies found in front of a house in Caldwell.  Police are saying this is could be the guy and he's at large.


60-year-old Gerald Bullinger is on the run and he's considered armed and dangerous.  Bullinger lived at the Kcid Road home where the three bodies were found.  All three bodies are women and they all died from a single gunshot wound.


The Canyon County Sheriff's Office says the ages of the women are somewhere between the mid-teens and mid-50's.  The victims were all covered up in a shed on the property and their bodies were decomposing pretty badly.  Investigators estimate the bodies have been there for at least two weeks.


Investigators say they haven't been able to identify the victims yet nor will they release that information until given authorization.  They also do not know the relationship between Bullinger and the women.  All possibilities are being investigated.


Bullinger was last seen in Ogden, Utah 10 days ago driving a white 2007 Ford Focus with Utah plates 129UMP.  He's 6'1", 240 lbs with gray hair and brown eyes.  Bullinger is a commercial pilot who moved to Caldwell from Utah and bought the home at 216 Kcid Road on May 3.


The property looks as if to be abandoned for awhile now.  Dead birds and pets were inside and of course the gruesome bodies out in the shed.  A warrant has been issued for Bullinger.  Anyone with information should contact authorities immediately.

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