Yesterday I wrote about how Idaho and Boise got their names, learn more about that here if you don't know the stories yet, their fun. To learn more about Idaho and the symbols of the beloved Gem State keep it right here. First lets make it a little fun and start things off with the good 'ol B-52s song “Private Idaho”:

Ok now that we are feeling all Idaho-y, make a guess and then scroll down to find the correct answers with corresponding photos.

Idaho State Symbols:

Why is it Called the Gem State?

What is Idaho's State Fish?

What is Idaho's State Bird?

What is Idaho's State Mammal?

What is Idaho's State Song?

What is Idaho's State Insect?

What is Idaho's State Tree?

What is Idaho's State Flower?

As a Bonus, what is special about Idaho's State flag and seal?


Ok lets see how you did...


The Symbols of Idaho

How well do you know the symbols of Idaho? Take a peek to see...

How Rude is Idaho and Our Surrounding States?

Lifestyle magazine Best Life released a list of all 50 states ranked from the nicest to the rudest and while the gem state didn't get the top spot, the top 10 isn't great. Our neighboring states scored far kinder than we did.

Top 10 Most Boring Places in Idaho

If you’re hankering for the quiet life… and a sheer lack of things to do, these Idaho places might just be perfect for you. What some may call boring, others go to some of these places in search of tranquility. Take a peek at the 10 most 'Boring' cities in Idaho.

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