If you're heading eastbound on I-84 look out because you're about to put on the brakes and sit in traffic for a long, long time.  A very serious accident just happened involving a dump truck that flipped over around mile marker 46 in the Meridian area which is just west of the Eagle Road offramp.

According to KTVB, the two left lanes and the far right lane of eastbound I-84 are blocked and the far left westbound lane is currently blocked off as well.  So this accident is causing major backups on both sides of I-84.

We know that at least one other vehicle besides the dump truck was involved in this accident, the dump truck and its trailer both overturned, and there's sand all over the freeway right now.  We don't know how bad this is.  There's no word yet on if there are any injuries or fatalities.  Let's hope not.

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